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Led Floating Lights For Pool & Pond Rechargeable Color Changing Waterproof Lamp

Led Floating Lights For Pool & Pond Rechargeable Color Changing Waterproof Lamp

Led Floating Lights For Pool & Pond Rechargeable Color Changing Waterproof Lamp
[Palm-sized Dimensions & Hanging Decorations]:With the size of a 3-inch like a baseball, these Floating Lights are perfect for holding in your hand and is fitted with a strong metal hook that could fold up so that it has a flat bottom design that allows it to be stably stood. Also, due to careful floating design and its proper weight, these Pool Lights will float in the water.

[Rechargeable Floating Lights for Pools]:No need to change the battery frequently, the Pool Light is equipped with 180mAh rechargeable battery. The customized charging cable is used to realize fast charging, which can work for 12-18 hours after charging for 1-1.5 hour. Before charging, long press the button to turn off the Floating Light, connect the DC 5V power supply, and light up the red indicator light during charging, and light up the Green/White indicator light when fully charged.

[RF Remote & Timing]:These LED Pool Lights are available in 16 colors, 4 brightness adjustments and 4 color change modes. The easy-to-understand remote controls all the LED Lights at the same time. The Glow Pool Ball is turned OFF after 6 hours by default, you can also manually press "TIMER OFF" to cancel the TIMER mode, and the Floating Pool Light will glow until the battery is completely exhausted. (Control distance:maximum 66 feet/20 meters). [IP68 Waterproof & Durable]:Upgraded Hot Tub Lights have a thickened seal built into the bottom with a good sealing effect to achieve excellent waterproof performance.

Rechargeable Pool Lights made of high-quality polyethylene, with strong, anti-fall, durable, not easy to deformation characteristics. They are a great addition to the pool!

(Please note:the remote is not waterproof). [Holiday Decoration]:Multi-color RGB holiday hanging Swimming Pool Lights can be used to decorate pool, hot tub, road, lawn, garden, back deck, indoor/outdoor, also perfect as HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS, CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS, HOT TUB GIFTS, NIGHT LIGHT. Wefgdsth Floating Pool Lights Rechargeable Folding Handle with Remote Control Suitable for Pool Party Decoration Lights. After the light is turned on, it will turn off after working for 6 hours by default.

If you need the light to work continuously, please press "TIME/TIMEROFF" to cancel. Press the "TIME/TIMEROFF" button, if the indicator of the remote control flashes once, it means you have canceled the default timing. If the indicator of remote control flashes six times, it means you have set 6 hours timing. The 3-inch swimming pool light that float is portable and easy to use, cute and decorative, perfect for romantic atmosphere.

Instead of button battery powered ball lights, Wefgdsth pool LED lights that use rechargeable batteries emit brighter, softer light. In combination sets, these bath lights come with unique 4-in-1 charging cable, which means you can charge all LED floating lights at the same time, saving you a lot of time and effort.

The pool light that float has a strong anti-shock, able to survive multiple falls without being damaged. Compared with other replaceable battery floating pool balls, our floating LED ball lights use a thickened sealing ring at the bottom, which improves the sealing and water resistance. This produce cannot be taken apart. When the light becomes weak, it means that the battery almost runs out.

Please charge the light in time. If you do not use the light ball for a long time, please charge it when you use it again.

Led Floating Lights For Pool & Pond Rechargeable Color Changing Waterproof Lamp